About me

I was born in Saarbruecken, Germany in 1975. Both my parents are violin makers, so going to the violin making school in Mittenwald after finishing high school was an obvious choice.

After graduating from the Mittenwald school in 1998, I worked for Michael Becker in Chicago and then for the Max Moeller workshop in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where I could gain experience in repair and restoration of violins, violas and cellos and also learn about work on bows.

I left Amsterdam in November 2002 when Tilman Muthesius gave me the opportunity to work in his shop in Potsdam, Germany for half a year to learn about baroque instruments and to make new instruments.

In 2003 I returned to Saarbruecken to work for my parents and to prepare for the Meisterpruefung, which I passed in 2004.

I have been living in Christchurch with my partner (who is from New Zealand) since the beginning of 2005.

[Photo of me]