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Below are a number of examples of my work. Please enquire about pricing and availability, I often have a small number of instruments in my shop that you can try. If you have special requirements or I just currently don't have what you are looking for, there is the option to commission an instrument. Waiting time for a commission is about one year.

Violin, modelled after the 1704 'Betts' Stradivari.

Violin, own model.

Viola after Andrea Guarneri, 41 cm (16")

Baroque violin after Santo Serafin (Venice)

Baroque violin Nicolo Amati model

Pardessus de Viole

Viola d'amore and head of Stainer model baroque violin

Budget doesn't quite stretch to buy a fully hand-made master violin? Ask about my student model instruments, for which I use partially pre-routed wood to save time. Available only in one model.

Service and guarantees on instruments I have made

I give a lifetime guarantee on my workmanship. Any adjustments and modifications necessary during the first year are free of charge. I also offer free cleaning and checkup for my instruments once a year for as long as you own the instrument.